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Stories of predator attacks on livestock are reported in many publications all across the country. Following are a few of the more current articles.dead sheep

Battle Rages Over Predator Control — Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colorado

Coyote Drags Toddler From Front Yard — CBS News

Coyotes Preying on More Livestock, Pets Than Before — TCPalm — Florida

Fighting for Survival — Casper—Star Tribune, Wyoming

Foxes are Latest Threat to Sea Turtle Population — Star News Online — North Carolina

Hunters Shoot Aggressive Coyotes in Presidio — San Francisco Chronicle — California

Julians Report Heavy Predator Losses — Sheep Industry News

Predators Can Affect How Livestock Watch Over Their Young — Rangeland Ecology and Managementinjured lamb

Producers Push for More Livestock Protection Funds — Capital Press, Oregon

Ranchers Say Fear of Wolves Causes Weight Loss in Cattle, Sheep — Sheep Industry News

Rural West Going to the Dogs — Tri State Observer, Pennsylvania

Scientists Investigate Recent Coyote Attacks on Children in California — Fox News

Seward Park Pet Owners on Coyote Alert — Seattle Post—Intelligencer — Washington

Youth Foils Coyote Attack on Boy in N.J. — Associated Press, New Jersey

USDA Releases Sheep and Lamb Predator Loss Report — Sheep Industry News